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I bet you’re wondering…”What’s so cool about a baby bottle?”  Well, you must not be familiar with this Podee Hands Free Bottle. My baby could feed while I did chores around the house. This bottle is a major SAVIOR if long car rides are part of your daily routine!!

The bottle allows your baby to feed him or herself. Whether you’re in the car, or your have 2 hungry twins that demand to be fed at the same time, or you’re out walking with baby cruising in his/her stroller, you’re little one will be able to feast comfortably.

Will This Cause My Baby To Experience More Gas?

No…Actually this bottle is designed to decrease problems with gas. When babies are done feeding, they just spit the nipple out. It features a criss cross nipple & you’ll be glad to know that this bottle doesn’t leak. (At least I never had that experience with it) It’s also supposed to decrease problems with infant reflux, colic, & ear infections.

Are There Any Cons About This Bottle That I Should Know About?

Since everything has it’s pros & cons, I’ll  inform you about the very few things you may classify as cons about this bottle. First, your baby may pull the tubing or nipple out of their mouth, especially if the straw is near their hands. Every baby is different & so you may not have any problems with that, but that I didn’t find that to be a problem with my baby.  The older your baby gets, the less likely that will be a problem.

Podee Bottle Review

How Does Bottle Work?

All you have to do before giving the Podee Hands Free Bottle to your baby for a feeding, is prime to tubing. You prime the tubing to remove any air from the straw. To do that, you have to squeeze the nipple & allow that the liquid to come up through the straw.

There are a ton of buyer reviews on this bottle on amazon.com. Lots of happy customers!!! You can check the reviews out here & the bottles are available at the awesome price of $28.49.


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