Must Have For Baby-Tranquil Turtle Musical Projector

Must Have For Baby-Tranquil Turtle Musical Projector

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Why Babies Love This

This super soothing musical projector displays ocean waves on your baby’s ceiling. They LOVE to stare at the waves until they peacefully fall asleep. Babies are absolutely mesmerized by this turtle.

Why Moms Love This

I tested a few musical projectors with my youngest & he loved this thing. I wish I would have known about this must have for baby gadget when I had my 1st child because she wasn’t the best sleeper:(

Sleep training was a non issue with this turtle. It stays on for about 30 minutes and then automatically shuts itself off. You have he option to set it on silence, ocean waves, or soft music. The music is actually really soothing…trust me you won’t be annoyed!!! You’ll need to test out which sound option your baby prefers.

I’ve given a few of these out as gifts at baby showers & all three moms have reported awesome results when they used it as a sleep aid for their babies. It really does make your baby’s bedtime routine an absolute breeze. You can leave one at the house & leave one with the sitter too.

What You Need To Know

-This Tranquil turtle runs on 3 AA batteries & features an auto shut off making it a super portable sleeping aid for a family who likes to travel

-It’s a very affordable sound maching

-Works well for kids that are afraid of the dark.


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