Airplane Travel Harness Baby Gadgets

Airplane Travel Harness Baby Gadgets

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Why You Child Will Love This

Well…your child might not love being strapped in during a flight but these baby gadgets will save your kiddo’s life during an episode of severe turbulence. It’s made out of super comfy automotive style nylon & has a top quality buckle. It’s perfect for kids that weigh between 22-44lbs.

Why Moms Love This

Every parent worries about the safety of their children when traveling…THIS IS THE ANSWER. It’s FAA certified for all phases of the flight & is really quick and easy to install. You’ll have to secure the strap completely around your child’s seat and it won’t bother the passenger behind your child if you strap it behind the seat tray.

This travel harness can replace the need to lug a heavy car seat down the narrow airplane aisle. I sure don’t miss those days!!!

This harness rolls up nicely so that you can conveniently store it in your purse or your baby bag.

What You Need To Know

-You won’t hold up the line on the plane because this installs in less than 1 minute

-This baby gadget weighs less than 1 pound


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