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Why Moms Love This

For moms who do a ton of travelling with their children, you’re probably always looking for baby items that will allow for a more convenient travel experience. It’s all about simplicity for moms, right?

This GoGo travelmate was one of the top baby products that parents use to make travel a total breeze. It allows you to move through the airport without having to lug a super heavy car seat & the handlebar easily adjusts to accommodate your height.

It allows you to have 1 free hand to carry anything else you may need to carry.

You can use it from a long term parking lot, through airport security, and all the way through to your gate. Airport security can easily do a hand check, so you don’t have to worry about taking your car seat off of the travelmate. For more info about getting through airport security, check out this TSA travel link.

This allows your toddler to be safely secured while moving throughtoddler travelmate the airport because they get to sit snugly in their car seat while you maneuver through the crowds.

It’s not made to replace a stroller, but it’s great if the only reason you needed the stroller was to move through the airport. You’ll find that it rolls quite smoothly & it’s super easy to store when you’re not using it.

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