Instant Rainbow Bedroom Nightlight

Rainbow bedroom night light image

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Why Children Love This

All kids love rainbows and what better than giving them an instant rainbow bedroom without having to paint their walls. This looks like a real rainbow and it makes an awesome night light for children that don’t like sleeping in the dark.

It’s also a great learning tool that you can use to teach them their colors as they fall asleep.

Why Moms Love This

Mommies love this rainbow nightlight because it really excites their children. It makes a great accessory for a magical kid-filled sleepovers. The rainbow reflects off of their walls & the colors are really bright and vibrant. It functions with either batteries or an AC adapter.

If you use the battery option, the projector has an automatic shut off feature that powers the system down after 10 minutes. If you use the AC adapter, it will stay on all night.


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