This Bottle Holder For Babies Allows You To Free Your Hands

Bottle Holder For Babies

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Why Moms Love This

Need a hand? The Beebo Free Hand Bottle Holder would like to give you one. But you’ll get more than just a hand with this bottle holder for babies.

This bottle holder is specially designed to enhance feeding time for you and for baby. Whether you pump breast milk or use formula, this bottle holder can help.

You’ll now have a hand free for extra convenience and practical use during feeding.

Feeding time is precious. Make it even more special by using this bottle holder that will free you up to comfort baby even more during these cherished moments.

You know those times when you need to reach out for something or use your hand for 

anything else…Whatever you need to do, you now have a free hand to get it done.  

The Beebo bottle makes feeding time easier.



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