Moon In My Room Awesome Night Lights

Moon In My Room Night Light

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Why Kids Love This

One of my favorite memories of my younger cousin is when she was about two years of & I showed her the moon in the sky. She was absolutely obsessed after that. She would always want to go outside to see if she could find the moon in the sky…fun times!!!

Kids find this moon night light to be absolutely fascinating & since it’s a night light, it makes sleep time more enjoyable for them. It makes for a great teaching aid your your little ones.

Why Moms Love This

If you’re looking for awesome night lights for your children, this Moon nightlight will do the trick. It displays all 12 phases of the moon and you’ll be able to easily hang this on the wall of your baby’s nursery.

Just don’t hang it too high, because you’ll want it to be within reach whenever you have to change the batteries.

This moon light comes with a remote control & it gives you 2 setting to choose from. The first setting goes through the phases of the moon. The second setting allows you to leave the light on just one phase of the moon.

The auto shut off turns off after 30 minutes so it saves battery power. You can also use the remote to quickly moon through the moon phases if you’d like.


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